Governor Scott: Florida Continues To Be Top Destination For Interstate Migration

People flock from New York, Georgia and Puerto Rico to live in the Sunshine State

Today, Governor Scott announced a recent U.S. Census Survey reported that Florida experienced an influx of people moving into the state, highlighted by the New York-to-Florida migration, which led the nation.

“Florida’s economy is turning around and we are becoming the number one business destination. We have created nearly 175,000 private sector jobs and have seen the largest drop in unemployment in the nation since December 2010. Florida’s housing market is on the rise, we have no personal income tax, we are at a 41-year low in our crime rate and we have a quality education system that prepares our students for the jobs of the 21st century. We encourage families from other states to take a look at Florida because we are making sure that our residents can live their version of the American Dream. ”

The Census Report listed the top ten single destination moves, and of those, Florida was the only state to be listed twice, due to New-York-to-Florida (+59,288) and Georgia-to-Florida migrations (+38,658). Florida also led the nation in migrations from Puerto Rico with a net total of almost 15,000. Those contacted for the survey listed employment relocation and reduction in housing costs as some of the more popular reasons for moving to Florida.


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