Governor Scott Highlights Syntac Coated Products’ Creation of 20 Jobs in Broward County

Today, Governor Rick Scott highlighted Syntac Coated Products’ creation of 20 new jobs in Broward County. Syntac is the leader in custom-designed and manufactured pressure sensitive adhesive products and has developed specialized adhesive products across a broad range of industries.

Governor Scott said, “I am proud to announce Syntac Coated Products created 20 new jobs in Broward County. Syntac Coated Products looked at other states for their expansion, and their decision to expand their business in Florida is great news for our families. Over the past four years, Florida has created over 801,000 private sector jobs, and we will keep working every day to make Florida the global destination for jobs.”

Curt Rusky, Owner of Syntac Coated Products, said, “We are excited to expand our company in Florida, and we are proud to be working with a great jobs Governor in Rick Scott. Florida offered a great climate for us to continue our business in, and we look forward to continuing to offer great products and create opportunities here in Florida.”

Syntac Coated Products, LLC, is a leader in custom-designed and manufactured pressure sensitive adhesive products. Their expansion in the greater Greater Fort Lauderdale area is part of the company’s overall strategy of expansion worldwide. The company considered several factors in its selection of Deerfield Beach, including access to international airports, proximity to universities and a strong pool of employees. Other locations under consideration for the expansion were the company’s offices in New Hartford, Connecticut.

Bill Johnson, Enterprise Florida president and CEO, said, “Florida’s manufacturing sector continues to grow and allows companies to be successful in the state’s pro-business climate. We thank Syntac for their investment in Florida and look forward to watching them grow in their new Deerfield Beach home.”

Jesse Panuccio, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Executive Director, said, “Florida’s positive business climate and expanding manufacturing sector is encouraging companies like Syntac Coated Products to grow in Florida. The jobs that will be created by the company over the next three years will give 20 more Florida families the chance to live the American dream in the Sunshine State.”


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