Governor Scott Kicks Off Building Up Florida Manufacturing Victory Tour

Governor Rick Scott today kicked off the “Building Up Florida Manufacturing Victory Tour,” celebrating the elimination of the sales tax on manufacturing equipment and machinery at Johnson and Johnson Vision Care in Jacksonville. Legislation to eliminate this tax was one of Governor Scott’s top priorities this year. Governor Scott also held events today at Brycoat Inc. in Oldsmar and Pelican Wire Inc. in Naples.

Governor Rick Scott said, “This is a huge victory for families across Florida. With no tax on manufacturing equipment, no personal income tax, and our 15 seaports, manufacturers both outside of Florida and those looking to expand in our state will look at the Sunshine State as a cost effective place to invest and hire more Florida workers.

“Until now, Florida manufacturers have been targeted by a tax on manufacturing equipment that other states didn’t burden their companies with – and now this unfair advantage has come to an end. By removing the tax on manufacturing equipment, Florida businesses will finally be on a level playing field when competing against other states, and other countries. This is an important victory for Florida jobs.”

Senator Dorothy Hukill said “The elimination of the tax on manufacturing equipment was a top priority because it will provide businesses with resources to expand and grow jobs. I applaud Governor Scott for his commitment to this important legislation and his efforts to grow jobs for Florida families.”

Representative MaryLynn Magar said, “I was proud to join Governor Scott in our efforts to grow jobs for Florida families. As Governor Scott travels the state on the M&E victory tour this week, it is clear this legislation is a victory for manufacturers in our state and those looking to move and invest in the Sunshine State.”

Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber said, “For too long Florida’s manufacturing industry has been at a competitive disadvantage. As Florida’s trade and logistics industry grows, and as we are poised to take advantage of the expansion of the Panama Canal, lifting the manufacturing and equipment sales tax will help ensure Florida is prepared to take full advantage of these new opportunities, to double Florida-origin exports in the years to come, and to create more high-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs. The Florida Chamber congratulates Governor Scott for helping make Florida more competitive.”

Tom Feeney, President and CEO of the Associated Industries of Florida said, “I applaud Governor Scott and the Legislature for eliminating the tax on manufacturing equipment. We look forward to the signing of the legislation because when we eliminate this tax, Florida manufacturers will have the opportunity to compete.”

Rick McAllister, president and CEO of the Florida Retail Federation said, “Eliminating barriers on manufacturers will bring new opportunities to Florida. Manufacturers will now have the confidence to expand and grow in Florida. When one industry is able to grow, it helps Florida’s retail community by bringing new customers to our grocery stores and shopping malls. This is a win for Florida.”

Bill Herrle, Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business of Florida said, “I was pleased to join Governor Scott today on the M&E victory tour. This legislation which Governor Scott championed will make a tremendous impact on Florida manufacturing and our economy, and will help businesses small and large create jobs. This is a great victory for Florida.”



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