Governor Scott Kicks Off Teacher Pay Raise Pep Rally Tour

Sunrise, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today kicked off the Teacher Pay Raise Pep Rally Tour celebrating $480 million for teacher pay raises at Piper High School in Broward County.

Governor Rick Scott said, “$480 million in teacher pay raises is a tremendous victory for Florida teachers. We all had a teacher who inspired us and as we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation week, I cannot think of a better way to recognize the hard work and commitment of our teachers than with a well-deserved pay raise. Our students are achieving great things in our classrooms, and the success of our students is tied to the hard work and dedication of our teachers.”

The $480 million in teacher pay raises allows districts the flexibility to develop their own plan to award the greatest number of teachers the largest teacher pay raise possible, in coordination with their collective bargaining agreements. Later today, Governor Scott will be visiting Wynnebrook Elementary School in West Palm Beach and Nease High School in Ponte Vedra.

Commissioner of Education Dr. Tony Bennett said, “Governor Scott’s relentless commitment to Florida’s teachers and his strong leadership drove $480 million in pay raises for teachers. He has earned a place among the nation’s leaders in understanding the critical role teachers have in preparing our students to reach higher levels of achievement not only in their choices of college or careers, but throughout their life.”

Palm Beach County Superintendent E. Wayne Gent said, “Florida’s teachers, students, parents, and all education stakeholders are winners this year thanks to Governor Rick Scott’s leadership. Our teachers are profoundly deserving of a pay raise and we are grateful for the Governor’s guidance to make it happen.”

St. Johns County Superintendent Dr. Joseph Joyner said, “St. Johns County teachers work diligently every day to improve achievement levels and instill the value of lifelong learning for every student. We are very appreciative of Governor Scott’s recognition of the importance of a strong public school system and the critical role teachers have in the future of our state.”

Broward County: Superintendent Robert W. Runcie said, “We are excited to have Governor Rick Scott in Broward County visiting Piper High School to celebrate teacher raises and National Teacher Appreciation Week. We appreciate Governor Scott’s commitment to supporting Florida’s schools and teachers.”
Wynnebrook Elementary School Principal Jeff Pegg said, “It is an honor to have Governor Rick Scott visit Wynnebrook Elementary School and celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with us. We are grateful for his leadership and securing a pay raise for Florida teachers.”
Nease High School Principal Kyle Dresback said, “It is always exciting when Governor Rick Scott visits Nease High School. We are grateful for his leadership in securing teacher pay increases and honored to have him celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with us.”
Nease High School ESE Teacher Melissa Davis said, “I appreciate Governor Scott’s recognition of our hard work and rewarding us with a pay increase.”



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