Governor Scott Presents 14 Florida Companies and Business Leaders with Governor’s Business Ambassador Awards

Governor Rick Scott awarded 14 Florida companies and business leaders with the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award during his business development mission to the Paris Air Show. Governor Scott presented the 14 awards during the Grand Opening of the Florida Pavilion. The Governor’s Business Ambassador Awards are presented to companies for their commitment to expanding business opportunities in Florida to create more jobs and opportunities for Florida families.

Governor Scott said, “I was honored to recognize individuals and companies who are helping to grow our state’s economy. Our business development mission to Paris is one way we can help create more jobs and economic investment in our state, which will have a big impact in creating more opportunities for Florida families.”

To learn more about the Paris Air Show business development mission, where Governor Scott will meet with over 40 aviation and aerospace leaders in order to bring business to Florida, please click HERE .

The following companies received the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award:

Aerospace Precision, Inc. – Based in Hollywood, Aerospace Precision Inc. worldwide authorized original equipment manufacturer repair facility, that provides sophisticated parts, component repair and overhaul services for accessories, hydraulics, electro-mechanical, and pneumatic systems, including wheels and brakes for regional jets and military application.

Associated Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales, Inc. – Based in Fort Lauderdale, Associated Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales, Inc. specializes in supplying spare parts, assemblies, repair and refurbishment, the manufacturing of avionics, electronics, and mechanical airframe parts.

Avionica, Inc. – Based in Miami, Avionica Inc. specializes in complete flight data and communication management in airborne avionics and ground support equipment.

BRPH Architects – Engineers, Inc. – Based in Melbourne, BRPH Architects – Engineers, Inc. is an international architecture and engineering design and construction services firm.

Commercial Jet, Inc. – Based in Miami, Commercial Jet Inc. is a leading independent FAA approved provider of line and heavy maintenance, repair & overhaul solutions provider for passenger cargo aircraft.

CTS Engines – Based in Fort Lauderdale, CTS Engines provides maintenance, repair, overhaul, and testing services to owners and operators of early stage commercial jet engines worldwide.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Based in Daytona Beach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, is the world’s largest, fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace. Embry Riddle Chancellor John Watret, accepted the award on behalf University President, Dr. John Johnson.

Future Metals – Based in Taramac, Future Metals is a premier global distributor of Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel, Steel and copper alloy Tubing, Sheets, Bars, Extrusions and Roll-Formed Stringers to the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry worldwide.

Infinity Air, Inc. – Based in Doral, Infinity Air is a supplier of commercial air transport spares and an FAA 145 repair station for the commercial, regional and cargo aerospace end users.

JBT AeroTec – **Formerly FMC Technologies, Inc. – Based in Orlando, JBT AeroTech manufactures military and commercial cargo loaders, air-conditioning units, power units, tow tractors, deicers, passenger boarding bridges, automated guided vehicle systems and provides specialized airport services worldwide.

Loos & Company, Inc. – Based in Naples, is a manufacturer of Mil Spec hardware and fittings for wire rope, as well as cable swaging machinery, tools, and accessories, serving the original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket aircraft industry.

Relli Technology, Inc. – With offices in Boca Raton, Relli Technology, Inc. is a major international manufacturer and supplier of military/defense and aerospace parts, components, equipment and total systems.

Turbopower, LLC – With offices in Miami Lakes, Turbopower, LLC offers total support in overhaul, maintenance, engineering services, spare parts support, and in-house training of customer personnel for P&WC PT6 engines.

Senator Nancy Detert – As commerce and tourism chair, Senator Nancy Detert has been a constant supporter of Florida job creation. Senator Detert is also a long standing Enterprise Florida board member and has actively participated in international missions over the years.


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