Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 55 Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices – This bill amends current law to create a pre-suit process for claims against a motor vehicle dealer alleging unfair or deceptive

trade practices.

HB 57 Department of Business & Professional Regulation – This bill allows the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to use excess administrative funds to compensate homeowners who have suffered a covered financial loss by a state-licensed general, building and residential contractor.

SB 62 Low-speed Vehicles – This bill allows the conversion of a low-speed vehicle to a golf cart by reducing the maximum speed to 20 MPH.

HB 73 Residential Properties – This bill amends several provisions relating to the governance of condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners’ associations and amends the provision relating to the requirement of retrofitting elevators.

HB 95 Charitable Contributions – This bill amends the Florida Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act by providing qualified religious or charitable entities protection against creditors seeking the payback of funds when charitable contributions are received in good faith.

SB 142 Intellectual Disabilities – This bill replaces the phrase “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability” throughout the Florida Statutes.

HB 157 Delivery of Insurance Policies – This bill authorizes insurers to deliver insurance policies by electronic transmission.

SB 166 Annuities – This bill incorporates the 2010 National Association of Insurance Commissioners model regulation on annuity protections, which expands the scope of consumer protections to generally include all purchasers of annuity products.

SB 186 Jurisdiction of the Courts – This bill corrects erroneous cross references under the Florida International Commercial Arbitration Act and ensures that foreign judgments issued by United States Territories are entitled to full faith and credit in Florida courts.

HB 223 Insurance – This bill allows property and casualty insurance policies and endorsements to be posted on an insurer’s internet website in lieu of mailing or delivery to the insured if the insurer complies with specific conditions.

SB 230 Flag Etiquette – This bill provides requirements for the Governor’s protocol on flag display.

HB 247 Paper Reduction – This bill allows the electronic transmission of specified legal documents and notices in lieu of paper submission or filing.

SB 248 Treatment Programs for Impaired Licenses and Applicants – This bill makes changes to the Impaired Practitioner Consultant program with regard to the types of health care practitioners that may receive services through the program and clarifies the duties of the impaired practitioner consultants.

HB 269 Building Construction – This bill amends a number of provisions related to building construction in Florida.

SB 328 Public Accountancy – This bill requires Certified Public Accountant firms engaged in the practice of public accounting to be enrolled in a peer review program as a

condition of licensure.

HB 333 Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission – This bill amends residency requirements and deletes annual automatic adjustments to vessel registration and

recreational hunting and fishing license fees.

SB 336 Tourist Development Tax – This bill allows counties to use the tourist development tax revenues for purposes related to aquariums that are owned and operated by

not-for-profit organizations.

HB 341 Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage – This bill restores the effectiveness of a non-stacking waiver for uninsured motorist coverage.

HB 361 Public Meetings/Criminal Justice Commissions – This bill authorizes local governments, upon public notice, to close portions of meetings whereby active criminal

investigations are discussed.

SB 364 Consumptive Use Permits for Development of Alternative Water Supplies – This bill makes qualifying alternative water supply development Projects, approved after July 1, 2013, eligible for extended consumptive use permits, which may be extended until the retirement of bonds issued to finance the project.

SB 372 Vehicle Permits for the Transportation of Alcoholic Beverages – This bill allows licensed retail vendors and other individuals that are listed on the business’ license application to use their own vehicles to transport alcoholic beverages from a distributors’ place of business to the vendors’ licensed premises.

HB 413 Physical Therapy – This bill amends the definition of the practice of physical therapy by adding an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) to the practitioners who may authorize a physical therapist to implement a plan of treatment provided for a patient.

SB 454 Florida College System Institution Police Officers – This bill allows State College police forces to enter into mutual aid agreements with other law enforcement


SB 492 Estates – This bill makes a number of changes to the Florida Probate Code.

HB 579 Natural Gas Motor Fuel – This bill repeals the alternative fuel decal fee program over five years and replaces it with a new fuel tax structure for natural gas.

SB 606 Northeast Florida Regional Transportation Commission – This bill creates the Northeast Florida Regional Transportation Commission, to improve mobility and expand multimodal transportation options in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam, and St. Johns Counties.

HB 623 Wine – This bill permits the sale of wine in reusable containers of 5.16 gallons.

SB 648 Health Insurance Marketing Materials – This bill changes the Office of Insurance Regulation requirements for small employer health insurance and long-term care

insurance marketing and advertising materials.

HB 655 Relating to Employment Benefits – The signing letter for HB 655 is available in a PDF here.

HB 665 Licensure by Office of Financial Regulation – This bill allows the Office of Financial Regulation discretion in denying or revoking a mortgage broker or mortgage lender’s license when the licensee’s license has been revoked in another state and replaces the use of fingerprint cards with live-scan fingerprint processing.

HB 783 Branch Offices Conducting Securities Transactions – This bill changes from a registration process to a notice filing process for branch offices conducting securities


SB 810 Wrap-Up Insurance Policies – This bill authorizes the purchase of a consolidated insurance policy for a nonpublic construction project by project owners or general contractors for the purposes of providing workers’ compensation and/or liability insurance coverage to contractors and subcontractors.

SB 934 Stormwater Management Permits – This bill requires environmental resource permit rules to provide for conceptual permits for local government projects within urban infill and redevelopment areas or community redevelopment areas, subject to certain requirements.

SB 948 Water Supply – This bill expands the list of parties with whom the state’s five water management districts must engage and assist for purposes of water supply planning and details the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ responsibilities in the process.

HB 973 Low-Voltage Systems – This bill provides for the statewide streamlining of alarm installations and provides an exemption from regulatory requirements for sales representatives who do not access customer premises or have access to the alarm codes.

HB 975 Archeological Sites & Specimens – This bill designates the land owned by “water authorities” as areas where the Division of Historical Resources can issue permits for excavation of archeological sites and where it is a crime to conduct archeological investigations, excavate or remove artifacts without authorization from the Division.

SB 1036 Independent Living – This bill redesigns the Department of Children and Families’ Independent Living Program in order to enhance the tools available for children in foster care to successfully transition out of the program.

HB 1083 Underground Natural Gas Storage – This bill provides a regulatory framework for natural gas storage and recovery in Florida.

HB 1085 Public Records/Natural Gas Storage Facility Permit – This bill provides a public records exemption for proprietary information received by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as part of a natural gas storage facility permit.

SB 1106 Agritourism – This bill prohibits local governments from regulating agritourism activities on agricultural land.

HB 1147 Office of the Attorney General – This bill corrects erroneous trust fund references in statute, provides additional protections for consumers under Florida’s Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, and provides the Attorney General discretion in filing actions in Fair Housing Act complaints

HB 1173 Florida Communications Fraud Act – This bill increases penalties for communications fraud and provides 5-year statute of limitations in pursuing civil and criminal actions against those who commit communications fraud.

HB 1191 Captive Insurance – This bill allows a captive insurance company to write workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance and corrects various inconsistencies in statute relating to captive insurance companies.

HB 1223 Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices – This bill expands the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) to provide that any person who willfully uses, or has willfully used a method, act, or practice to victimize a military service member or their family may be liable for a civil penalty of up to $15,000.

SB 1300 Limited Liability Companies – This bill changes Florida’s laws pertaining to Limited Liability Companies.

SB 1302 Temporary Certificates for Visiting Physicians – This bill extends eligibility for the issuance of temporary medical certificates to visiting physicians who are participating in medical symposiums and changes the limitations on the number of certificates that may be issued.

HB 1393 Agricultural Storage & Shipping Containers – This bill authorizes the exclusive use of certain marks and brands on containers used for the storage and shipping of agricultural or commercial goods and specifies requirements for the purchase of such containers.

SB 1398 Real Estate Appraisers – This bill allows applicants for real estate appraiser registration and certification to take their qualifying education courses online as an

alternative to the existing method of classroom education.

SB 1410 Fire Safety & Prevention – The bill is a comprehensive rewrite, reorganization, and deletion of provisions of Chapter 633, F.S., relating to the State Fire Marshal and also allows independent special districts to fund emergency medical services and emergency medical transport from non-ad valorem assessments.

SB 1472 Nuclear & Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants – This bill revises the rate utilities may use to recover costs from consumers for the construction of nuclear or integrated gasification combined cycle power plants, and provides the Public Service Commission with additional oversight.

SB 1664 Education – This bill ensures our teachers are evaluated only on students they teach, further strengthens Florida’s teacher preparation programs to better prepare our future teachers for the classroom, and creates the Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program.

HB 7005 Massage Establishments – This bill aids in ridding Florida of massage establishments used as fronts for illegal activities by restricting hours of operation and providing broader board oversight.

HB 7019 Development Permits – This bill addresses a number of topics under the subject of “Development Permits,” including bringing state law into compliance with the federal requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program.

HB 7129 Residential Services for Children – This bill relates to residential services for children and includes a line-item veto, available in a PDF here.

HB 7035 Pretrial Detention – This bill ensures that those persons convicted as a sexual predator or offender must attend first appearance in court prior to release from custody on bail or bond.

HB 7079 Review Under Open Government Sunset Review Act – This bill reenacts existing protections from public record information relating to domestic or sexual violence.

HB 7083 Death Penalty – The signing letter for HB 7083 is available in a PDF here.

HB 7089 Public Records Exemption/School Fund & Nutrition Service Program Participants – This bill provides a public records exemption for the personal identifying information of applicants or participants in a school food and nutrition service program held by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Department of Children and Families, or the Department of Education.

HB 7119 Homeowners’ Association – This bill revises requirements for the governance of homeowners’ associations relating to access to official records, officers and directors procedures, developer control of associations, and adds a requirement for associations to report information to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

HB 7145 OGSR Employment Discrimination – This bill reenacts a public record exemption for all complaints in the custody of an agency that relate to a complaint of

employment discrimination.


View the transmittal letter for House bills filed today.

View the transmittal letter for Senate bills filed today.



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