Governor Scott Signs Four Bills Into Law Today

Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 85 Public-Private Partnerships This bill creates a standardized framework for local public-private partnerships to facilitate the construction of public-purpose projects.

HB 357 Manufacturing DevelopmentThis bill directs the Manufacturing Competitiveness Act and directs the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to create a model ordinance for local governments to use as a guide to establish local manufacturing development programs.

SB 1784 Military Installations This bill makes amendments related to the Military Base Protection Program (MBPP). It secures non-conservation lands to serve as a buffer to protect military installations against encroachment.

HB 7029 Education – This bill requires the Department of Education to develop an online course catalog of available digital learning courses offered. This bill creates the Florida Approved Courses and Tests (FACT) Initiative, which allows the Department of Education to approve certain virtual education courses.

View the transmittal letter for all other House Bills filed today.  

View the transmittal letter for the Senate Bill filed today.  


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