Governor Scott: To Grow More Jobs for Florida Families, We Have to Support Florida Manufacturing

Today, Governor Rick Scott addressed members of the Florida Manufacturers Association on Manufacturing Days at the Florida State Capitol. Following the Governor’s remarks, Governor Scott signed a “Building Up Florida Manufacturing” board that was signed by the members of the Florida Manufacturers Association and will be posted outside the Governor’s office.

Governor Scott said, “To grow more jobs for Florida families, we have to support Florida manufacturing. In 2010, manufacturing made up only 4.3 percent of employment in Florida – which is significantly below the national average. For families to succeed, we need to build up our manufacturing jobs in Florida. That’s why my Florida Families First budget eliminates the sales tax on manufacturing equipment. Indeed, by knocking down this barrier to job creation we’re creating more opportunities for Florida families who are looking for stable jobs they can depend on. That’s why I am looking forward to working with the Legislature this year to supporting manufacturing and growing jobs for Florida families.”

Today, there are 17,500 manufacturing companies in Florida that employ more than 300,000 Florida families.

“The Governor’s manufacturing agenda positions Florida to be a leader in innovation relative to developing new products and processes for competing globally,” said Al Stimac, President of the Manufacturers Association of Florida.

“It is an important additional measure to make Florida a much better state for manufacturers,” said Hannes Hunschofsky, President at Hoerbiger Corporation of America, Inc.

“Businesses are making decisions every day about where and how to invest scarce capital. Sales taxes on manufacturing equipment can be the deciding factor that either brings businesses to Florida or sends it to other states or countries,” said Mike Williams, Manager, Public Affairs, PotashCorp.

“We are poised to be the best manufacturing state in the nation. The Governor’s proposed sales tax exemption will secure that position for manufacturing and grow this investment in Florida,” said Nancy Stephens, Executive Director of the Manufacturers Association of Florida

Beth Kirkland, Chairman of the Florida Economic Development Council said, “The Florida Economic Development Council is the professional association of economic, workforce and community developers from Florida’s 67 counties, over 400 cities, 24 workforce regions, 28 community colleges and 12 universities who are on the front lines in their communities assisting the manufacturing companies with job creation and capital investment in Florida. We are proud to stand with Governor Scott and the MAF, our strategic partner, in growing jobs for Florida families.”

The Governor also highlighted that the Florida Families First Budget continues to work to eliminate the business tax by protecting 2,000 more small businesses in Florida from having to pay it. Governor Scott continued, “We have continued to phase out this tax each year, so businesses can keep more of the money they earn and pass it along to their employees and grow more jobs for Florida families.”



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