Governor Scott’s Message for The Response

Governor Scott’s Proclamation on a Day of Prayer for our Nation

Hi. I’m Rick Scott, Governor of the great state of Florida. I want to thank Governor Perry for setting aside this day to call on god to help our nation. Politics don’t matter, but we can all agree our nation faces tough challenges, and we need god’s help.

I learned to lean on Jesus Christ as a child – thanks to my mother’s lessons. Since then, I have relied on prayer. I am grateful and proud we live in a country that defends our right to live, pray and worship as we choose.

Since my inauguration seven months ago, my prayer has been the same as King Solomon’s – for wisdom.

And that is my prayer request today. I ask you to pray that the leaders of our nation and our states have wisdom in all their decisions.

Join me in praying for job opportunities for those who need work, for the economic well-being of our nation, and for the safety and security of our communities and our men and women in uniform.

On a personal note, my wife and I are praying for our first grandchild, who is on the way in a few months.

We join with you today in calling on god for his guidance and direction, but most of all, we ask him for wisdom for our leaders and the people of our nation.

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