Executive Office of the Governor
Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development
The Capitol, Suite 2001
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001
Phone: 850/487-2568
Suncom: 277-2568
Fax: 850/487-3014
Suncom: 277-3014

Chris Hart

Karl Blischke
Chief Analyst, Rural Economic Development Programs

Debra Corkhill
Economic Development Coordinator

Michelle Dennard
Deputy Director and Legal Counsel

Jenni Garrison
Innovation Program Manager
505 S. Flagler Drive, Suite 1003
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Eric Graham
Communications and International Affairs Liaison

Vera Greenwood
Incentives Coordinator

Stephen Heiman
Executive Assistant

Joe Marino
Defense and Space Coordinator

Sherri Martin
Senior Analyst/Rural Coordinator

Katherine Morrison
Sports, Tourism, and Transportation Liaison

Jorge Nunez
Budget Coordinator

Tim Proctor
Chief Analyst for Policy and Incentives

Jose Romano
Business Analyst

Diane Scholz
Assistant Coordinator, Rural Issues

Maureen Smith
Economic Development Representative

Burt Von Hoff
Community Development Liaison

Carolyn Will
Economic Development Representative

Elizabeth Walker
Public/Private Partner Liaison

Office of the Film Commissioner
The Capitol, Suite 2001
850-410-4770 fax

Lucia Fishburne
Film Commissioner

Adam Madlinger
Executive Assistant to the Film Commissioner

Herb Miller
Incentive Administrator

Jocelyn Mock
Communications Coordinator

Susan Simms
Los Angeles Liaison

April Spooner
Administrative Assistant

Niki Welge
Production Coordinator


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