Statement From Governor Rick Scott Regarding Efforts To Help Achieve Student Success

Governor Rick Scott today released the following statement regarding the State Board of Education’s efforts to close the achievement gap between Florida’s students:

“The goal of our education system is to prepare students in Florida for success in college and careers. In order to ensure that all of our students are making progress toward ultimate success in college and careers, we have to measure student achievement and ensure the highest level of accountability.

“When looking at those measurements, an achievement gap still exists between different groups of students in our state. Such a gap is unacceptable. The actions taken last week by the State Board of Education in adopting their strategic plan did not clearly articulate our shared commitment to fully close that achievement gap for all students, regardless of race, geography, gender or other circumstance.

“We will only have accomplished our goal when every student is performing at the highest level and ready for success in college and careers. The standards set by the State Board must clearly and sincerely acknowledge that all students are capable of performing at grade level regardless of their race or background and that our ultimate goal is to ensure there is no achievement gap in Florida’s education system.

“With this in mind, I would ask the board to more completely incorporate this recognition into its strategic plan so that we can focus our efforts on helping every student to achieve the highest level of success.”


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