Weekly Radio Address 1/13/2012

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Weekly Radio Address – Friday, January 13, 2012

This week we kicked off the 2012 legislative session, and I delivered my State of the State address.
Florida is headed in right direction. Since I took office, the private sector has created nearly 135,000 jobs, and we’ve made major strides in education.

I look forward to working with the House and the Senate to make sure that we continue on this path.
During this session, we must pass a jobs creation package that lowers taxes and cuts burdensome regulation. Next, we’ve got to keep the cost of living low in our state by reducing auto insurance fraud.
And finally, I’ve proposed an additional $1 billion in education funding for Florida’s schools. This money will help ensure that Florida’s students can get a quality education.

In closing, this weekend, Floridians will join the rest of the country in celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. Dr. King’s legacy is one of peace and understanding. Together, we are working to speed up the day when the American dream is possible for every Floridian. As we keep the cost of living low and ensure Floridians are able to get a job and access quality education, we will achieve the goal Dr. King outlined for our state and our nation.

Have a great weekend.


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