Weekly Radio Address 12/22/2011

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Weekly Radio Address – Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hi, this is Governor Rick Scott. I hope everyone is excited and about Christmas and Chanukah. I’m going to get to be in Naples with my new grandson this year.

The Florida Legislative Session is coming up, and we are going to focus on education and jobs. It’s going to be tough. Just like my first session, we are walking into a budget deficit. We’re going to have the same thing this time, so we’ve got to balance the budget. But we’re going to make sure we put another one billion dollars towards education. We’re going to make sure we save money in our Medicaid system by reforming it to make sure that it’s working the right way.

We’ve had a great year. Jobs are coming back: 134,800 private sectors jobs were added in the first 11 months. This is still not enough; we’ve still got a lot of people out of work. Every day I am working to keep the cost of living in Florida as low as possible, ensure that Florida’s children can get a good education and make sure that every Floridian can get a job. Have a great Christmas and a Happy Chanukah.


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