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Community Leaders Applaud Gov. Scott for Florida Job Growth

President of UCF John Hitt said, “This economic data is good news for our state and region, as well as for UCF’s students and recent graduates. Research universities such as UCF are powerful economic engines for their communities and these universities create business partnerships that spur growth and innovation that create 21st century jobs. We will continue to work with Gov. Scott and the Legislature to ensure continued economic growth.”

Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight said, “Not only is crime down, but the Governor is putting Floridians back to work, like he said he would do. This is great news for Florida families.”

Kelly Smallridge CEO of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County said, “With the continued decrease in unemployment, it is very clear that growing jobs in Florida is a top priority. The cost of living and favorable tax climate has companies from all over looking at Florida. With Governor Scott and Enterprise Florida’s Gray Swoope serving on the front lines of recruitment, retention and expansion, our economy will continue to show signs of progress.

Not only is the weather warm year-round in Florida but the welcome mat for businesses is too.”

Tom Kennedy, CEO of the South Florida Manufacturers’ Association said, “It shows how hard Governor Scott is working on economic development and jobs. Whether it’s a trade mission or bringing companies to the table, Governor Scott is clearly leading the charge for Florida.”

University of Central Florida Economist Sean Snaith said, “Today’s report seems to be the real deal. This is the last piece of data we will get this year, and we are going out on a high note.”

Representative Debbie Mayfield of Vero Beach said, “When the governor took office, he had a clear vision and a plan for Florida. His plan emphasized reducing our state debt, balancing the budget, and making the state’s revenue work efficiently for Florida’s economy and for Floridians. The unemployment rate makes it very clear that his plan is working.”

Bernie Navarro of the Latin Builders Association said, “In South Florida, we’re seeing the housing market improve, which means more opportunities for builders and their families. Florida’s economy is definitely moving forward – and that’s great news for builders.”

Kelley Fuller, President/CEO Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce said, “We are encouraged by the jobs numbers and hopeful the trend will continue. Three new businesses have opened in Navarre in the last 45 days, so we believe the economy is definitely on the upswing and look forward to bigger and better job numbers as we enter 2013.”

Robin A. Sollie, CEO, Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce said, “As a partner of Worknet and our Pinellas County Economic Development the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce applauds the region in the continued success to employ and develop Tampa Bay. We look forward to the coming months of continued growth, especially within our Tourism Industry.”

Kirk Wendland, President, St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce said, “The Northeast Florida region is making steady progress in our effort to create quality jobs. There is no question that the focus and collaboration of our State and local leaders is paying dividends.”

Bob Rohrlack, President and CEO of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce said, “The Chamber is proud of the hard work of the employers in our region as they work to grow their companies, take care of their employees and support their communities. The State’s focus on economic development helps the effort advance faster which is good for all of us.”

Mayor of Orange County Teresa Jacobs said, “Our business friendly climate is contributing to job growth in Orange County as more companies utilize tools like our One Stop Permitting office. We’ve had a record number of projects approved this year which affirms the environment in Orange County is conducive to positive economic growth.”

Jerry Custin, President/CEO of the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce said, “Today’s numbers signal the Tampa Bay area is back on track for job growth. With more than 22,000 jobs created in the area, that’s a great sign that businesses in the region are growing and finding opportunities. Plus housing starts are increasing, and our workforce partnerships continue to assist residents with the skills and knowledge they need to land a job. This is great news as we head into the new year.”

Barry E. Johnson, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce said, “Growing jobs and building business are top priorities of the Greater Miami Chamber. So seeing continuing progress on employment in our community is terrific news as we prepare for the New Year ahead. There is still much to do for the many without jobs or under employed, but these latest numbers are certainly encouraging.”

John Sorey, Mayor of Naples said, “I’m very encouraged about the numbers. This is indicative of the Governor’s focus on creating jobs at all levels in the State of Florida.”

Diana Bolivar, President-Elect Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando said, “The numbers released today are proof that Florida is heading in the right direction. The business climate we are creating is fostering growth and creating jobs, which are needed in the Hispanic community. Working together with Governor Scott we can continue to create a business atmosphere where opportunities are available for Hispanics in the region.”

Hoe Brown, Chairman of the Tampa Port Authority said, “Here in Tampa, businesses are hiring, unemployment has continued going downward, and we’re seeing improvements in the housing market. Importing and exporting at our ports are increasing and the interest level of companies looking at the Tampa Bay region to manufacture their products continues to rise – I have no doubt what so ever that we will have continued good economic news in 2013.”


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