Florida Education Leaders Applaud Governor Scott’s Executive Order to Reduce Testing in Florida

Florida education leaders today applauded Governor Scott’s Executive Order 15-31, which suspended the grade 11 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) for English language arts until the Florida Legislature has an opportunity to consider legislation to eliminate the mandate. The elimination of the test follows an investigation conducted by Commissioner Pam Stewart that recommended a reduction in the number of tests Florida students in public schools are required to take.

To view Executive Order 15-31, click HERE.

To view the Governor’s call to reduce testing in Florida schools, click HERE.

State Board of Education Chair Gary Chartrand said, “Measuring student progress is a critical component of our state’s education system, but we must strike a balance. Governor Scott’s Executive Order shows that he values feedback from Florida’s teachers and parents and will take action necessary to ensure students are prepared for success.”

Citrus County Superintendent Sandra Himmel said, “Governor Scott shares our goal of providing every student with the very best education. The elimination of the 11th grade Florida Standards Assessment for English language arts provides more opportunities for students to stay focused on learning and preparing for college and careers.”

Collier County Superintendent Kamela Patton said, “We are thankful to Governor Scott and the Department of Education for looking into the issue of testing and accountability. Our students are working hard every day and we will keep doing all we can to help them pursue their dreams.”

Flagler County Superintendent Jacob Oliva said, “Governor Scott has remained committed to creating the best learning environment for students in our state. His collaborative efforts with the Department of Education and school districts have given teachers the resources required to keep our focus on student success.”

Escambia County Superintendent Malcolm Thomas said, “With the elimination of this test, teachers and parents can know that our first priority is ensuring students are provided with the time and resources needed to get a great education. Governor Scott has again proven his commitment to working with education leaders across the state so we can make Florida’s education system the best in the nation.”

Orange County School Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins said, “Governor Scott has continued to make education a top priority in Florida so our students will be prepared for college or career opportunities. Eliminating this unnecessary assessment is an important step to keep Florida at the forefront for public education.”


Pinellas County Superintendent Michael Grego said, “A great education helps today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. Our hardworking schools and teachers spend each day helping students realize their full potential, and we appreciate the support of the Governor to help us meet that goal.”

St. Johns County Superintendent Joseph Joyner said, “Governor Scott understands that a quality education will provide our students with the skills they need to become successful leaders. We applaud his leadership in investigating student testing and assessments and look forward to continuing to improve our great education system.”

Walton County Superintendent Carlene Anderson said, “Across the state, our schools are focused on preparing students to succeed in their future higher education or careers. Along with Commissioner Pam Stewart, Governor Scott has worked hard to help provide our teachers with the time and resources to meet our students’ most important needs.”

Florida Association of School Administrators Executive Director Juhan Mixon said, “I applaud Governor Scott for not only taking the initiative to investigate testing in our state’s schools but also for immediately responding. Commissioner Stewart’s investigation confirmed what we’ve been hearing – there is too much testing – and I am pleased that the Governor’s Executive Order provides students, teachers, school administrators and parents relief from this nonessential assessment.”

Jayne Ellspermann, West Port High School Principal and 2015 National Principal of the Year and 2015-2016 President-Elect of the National Association of Secondary School Principals said, “Our state’s principals and teachers work hard in and out of the classroom every day. Governor Scott’s Executive Order will enable teachers to spend more time helping students develop the skills they need to achieve their academic and career goals.”

2015 Florida Teacher of the Year Christie Bassett said, “As a teacher and mother of two, I believe it’s critical that we remain mindful of the true purpose of school – preparing students for future success. I am grateful that Governor Scott asked Commissioner Stewart to thoroughly investigate testing in our schools and for his prompt response to suspend the unnecessary testing.”

Keep Florida Learning Committee Member Laura Zorc said, “Like all parents, I want the best for my children and that is especially true as it relates to education. I am proud to be a strong advocate for all of Florida’s students and I commend Governor Scott for issuing this Executive Order, which will help Florida 11th graders focus their attention where it belongs – on their futures.”


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