Frequently Requested Documents

Florida Has a Right to Know

The Florida Has a Right to Know website provides data on state employee names, place of employment, position title, and salary. For questions concerning the State University data, please contact the Florida Board of Governors at (850) 245-0466. Questions about all other state employee data should be directed to Department of Management Services at (850) 488-2786.


State of Florida Travel

The State of Florida Travel site provides data concerning travel expenditures by state entities. Specific questions about information on this site should be directed to the entity listed.


Executive Orders & Press Releases

Executive Orders issued by Governor DeSantis and Press Releases distributed by the Executive Office of the Governor are available on the Governor’s website.


The Florida Senate

The Florida Senate website contains current and historical information concerning Session, bill summaries, Executive Appointments and Suspensions, etc.


Executive Office of the Governor Organizational Chart


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