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Chapter 119 F.S.

Florida Statutes Chapter 119 outlines state policy on public records. It states what documents are considered public record, what information is exempt from public disclosure and how states offices are expected to comply with requests for public records.


Public Records Policy / Cost Recovery Policy

In accordance with Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, requests that require extensive use of state resources are subject to a fee. Should a fee apply, requestors will be provided with a cost estimate for review and approval prior to the Office of Open Government taking any billable steps. If the estimate is accepted, the requestor will receive an invoice of the actual costs, not to exceed the estimated amount, once all documents have been compiled and reviewed.

Public Records Policy
Cost Estimate Template


Agency Contact Sheet

Each state agency processes requests for public records in which they are the custodian of. If you have questions about which state agency to direct a request to, please feel free to contact the Governor’s Office of Open Government.

Open Government Contacts by Agency


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