Statewide Judicial Nomination Commission

The Statewide Judicial Nominating Commission is comprised of members appointed by the Governor, members appointed by The Florida Bar, and members that are appointed by the Commission itself.  Each of the six (6) members appointed by the Governor must reside in each of the territorial jurisdictions of the district courts of appeal.  See section 440.45(2)(b)(2), Florida Statutes.  The Governor is currently seeking applicants for the following vacancies:

  • First District Court of Appeal
  • Second District Court of Appeal
  • Third District Court of Appeal
  • Fourth District Court of Appeal
  • Fifth District Court of Appeal

Please submit all applications through the appointments page and email a copy of your application to

For more information regarding the Statewide Judicial Nominating Commission, please refer to the Office of Judges of Compensation Claims website:


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