Winter Park, Fla – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at the Unity Heritage Festival at Shady Park at Hannibal Square in Winter Park, Florida. The annual Unity Heritage Festival celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., promotes family heritage and raises money for the Educational Fulfillment Fund to benefit local disadvantaged youth.

“It is really great to be here at the Unity Heritage Festival in Winter Park this afternoon,” said Governor DeSantis. “The principles and ideas that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us have stood the test of time and we are a far better country because of his leadership. He wanted excellence, instilling in people to be the best they could be in whatever path they choose to take. As Governor, I will strive to give all Floridians the tools they need to make the most of their lives and follow their dreams.”

Mr. LaNorris Chapman received the Unity Heritage Award in honor of his mother,
Mrs. Hazel Betty Edwards Chapman, a distinguished teacher and civic leader. In
the photo, Mr. Chapman shakes the hand of Governor Ron DeSantis while Jamal
Sowell, President and CEO of Enterprise Florida Inc. (sitting) and Winter Park
Mayor Steve Leary look on.


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