Meet Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis
Capitol News Service
Mike Vasilinda
March 6, 2019

First Lady Casey DeSantis is taking an active role in her husband’s administration, putting a major focus on helping hurricane victims in the Panhandle, but she is also the mother of two young children.

Some have called Casey DeSantis the Governor’s secret weapon.

Now, as first lady, she is pushing her husband’s and her own agenda.

“I really want to take this unique opportunity to put a spotlight on people who are far more deserving than myself,” said DeSantis.

She has taken an active role in hurricane relief, she has strong opinions, and thinks her husband’s focus on the environment is spot on.

“We gotta get this right. That’s why he wants a chief science officer. He wants to make sure there is sound science,” said DeSantis.

To see the rest of First Lady Casey DeSantis’ interview with Capitol News Service’s Mike Vasilinda, click the image below or click here.



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