This Year Marks the 80th Anniversary of the Florida Highway Patrol

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis delivered the keynote address at the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) 141st Recruit Class graduation. This year marks the 80-year anniversary of the Florida Highway Patrol, and 54 brave men and women of the 141st class will be the first to graduate in 2019. This key Florida law enforcement agency aims to ensure the safety and welfare of millions of Florida’s residents and visitors who travel throughout the state every day.

“Today, the Florida Highway Patrol has gained 54 determined and capable troopers,” said Governor DeSantis. “I commend these brave individuals for their hard work and dedication to keeping our roads and highways safe. I’m pleased to witness the 141st basic recruit class begin their long and successful careers.”

Photo Credit: Governor’s Press Office



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