Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, in an effort to promote tourism and visitation to the Sunshine State, Governor Ron DeSantis announced the launch of a new VISIT FLORIDA eco-friendly travel hub on VISITFLORIDA.com. The hub features tips and resources for green, sustainable travel throughout the state. Visitors can find information about environmentally friendly attractions, activities, dining, transportation, and lodging – and how to practice voluntourism while in Florida.

“Since taking office, I have made the protection of our environment a top priority,” said Governor DeSantis. “In their continued effort to keep our state at the forefront of travelers’ minds, VISIT FLORIDA’s new eco travel hub will put our beautiful environment on display and enable millions of visitors to take advantage of Florida’s sustainable travel options. More eco-friendly travel to our state will help our economy continue to grow, while keeping taxes low for Floridians.”

“VISIT FLORIDA is dedicated to providing our visitors with extraordinary vacation experiences while promoting sustainable solutions that help maintain our destination’s beauty and vitality,” said VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO Dana Young. “From catch-and-release fishing to visiting our many pristine natural areas, VISIT FLORIDA’s eco-friendly travel hub will introduce potential travelers to the many ways they can explore the Sunshine State in a manner that protects what makes Florida such a special place to visit.”

From world-class beaches and uncluttered coastlines, to wildlife preserves and an abundance of state parks, Florida is committed to the preservation of the natural environment. VISIT FLORIDA’s new hub provides accessible tips for going green while traveling throughout the state and experiencing Florida’s attraction diversity. Florida boasts a multitude of transportation options and through the travel hub, visitors are connected to the most efficient ways to make their travel environmentally-friendly. With nearly 400 properties in the Florida Green Lodging Program, travelers can easily find lodging committed to conserving and protecting the state’s natural resources. In addition, many of Florida’s attractions and activities offer less impactful ways to experience the state and are highlighted in the hub’s resource guide.

To learn more and explore Florida’s eco-friendly and sustainable travel options, go to VISITFLORIDA.com/Eco.




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