Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis commended the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for approving the continuation of the Low-Income Pool (LIP) program in Florida. The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) reached an agreement with the CMS to extend the 1115 Managed Medical Assistance waiver that allows for the continuation of the LIP program through June 30, 2030. The LIP program was established to ensure continued government support for the provision of health care services to underinsured and uninsured populations by providing critical funding to important safety net providers, including Florida’s hospitals.

“LIP funding provides critical support to Florida health care providers that serve our most vulnerable,” said Governor DeSantis. “Continuing this essential program means Floridians will have access to quality health care when they need it.”

“Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, Florida continues to make great strides in providing meaningful health outcomes and support our frontline providers,” said Acting Secretary Shevaun Harris.  “We appreciate the federal government recognizing the significance of our LIP program and providing us with the necessary funding to ensure the stability of the program for individuals and families.”

“We are thrilled that Governor DeSantis was able to obtain this critical extension from the federal government. In particular, the waiver extension he and his team have obtained will preserve and extend Florida’s critical Low-Income Pool, which supports hospitals as they provide essential care to low income, uninsured Floridians. Our hospitals provide almost half of the total hospital charity care in Florida each year, and we rely on the Low-Income Pool to help support this care. As our hospitals work closely with Governor DeSantis in the fight against COVID, this LIP extension will help ensure that Floridians receive world class care regardless of their finances,” said Justin Senior, President of Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida.

The renewed waiver will ensure stability of the LIP program for safety net providers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide the state time to test innovative pilots that will help the state meet its goals of providing better health outcomes for Floridians.  These goals include allowing for greater opportunities to align payment sources flowing to providers participating in the Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) program that promote better health outcomes, incentivize providers to engage consumers actively in their health care, and ensure access to appropriate and timely care in the least costly setting.  This program also provides the state with the stability in the authorities that govern the operation of the MMA program and the other supplemental payment programs for a longer period than is currently authorized.

For more information about the LIP program,visit:https://ahca.myflorida.com/Medicaid/Finance/finance/LIP-DSH/LIP/index.shtml.

To view the CMS Waiver, visit:https://www.medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Waivers/1115/downloads/fl/fl-mma-ca.pdf.

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