TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) and the Florida Department of Revenue are encouraging Floridians to prepare for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season by taking advantage of the 2021 Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, which runs from Friday, May 28, through Sunday, June 6.
The 2021 Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is a ten-day sales tax holiday for disaster preparedness supplies. Supplies that will be tax-free include flashlights, radios, tarps, batteries, and generators. A full list of tax-free items is available here.
“With an active hurricane season predicted this year, Floridians need to ensure they have at least seven days of supplies and put a disaster plan in place now,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “This year, the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday has been extended to 10 days to provide more opportunities for Floridians to take advantage of this sales tax holiday and stock up on disaster preparedness supplies.”
“Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. With hurricane season rapidly approaching on June 1st, it is critical for Floridians to make the necessary preparations to stay safe before, during, and after any natural disaster,” said Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez. “I urge residents to take advantage of the 2021 Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday, a tax relief on the necessary supplies to weather the storm.” 
“The Division is preparing for an active hurricane season this year and I’m encouraging all Floridians to do the same,” said FDEM Director Kevin Guthrie. “Having a stocked disaster supply kit is a vital component of individual hurricane preparedness. This ten-day sales tax holiday can assist Floridians stock up ahead of hurricane season, while also saving money on critical supplies.”
“The approach of hurricane season is an excellent reminder to prepare not just for storms, but for all potential disasters,” said Jim Zingale, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Revenue. “The 2021 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is an excellent opportunity for Floridians to save money while gathering the supplies they need to be safe.”
The Division recommends that all Floridians have a disaster supply kit with enough supplies for at least seven days.
The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. For more information on how to develop a plan for hurricane season and what items to include in a disaster supply kit, visit FloridaDisaster.org/PlanPrepare.
House Bill 7061, which included the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, was passed by the Florida Legislature and signed into law by Governor DeSantis on May 21. Floridians are estimated to save $10.5 million on critical disaster preparedness supplies.
2021 Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Quick Facts

  • Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday began in 2014.
  • The Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday runs from Friday, May 28 through Sunday, June 6, 2021.
  • Typically a seven day holiday, this year has been extended to 10 days.
  • Examples of tax-free items include flashlights and lanterns costing $40 or less; radios costing $50 or less; tarps costing $100 or less, coolers costing $60 or less, batteries costing $50 or less; and generators costing $1,000 or less.
  • Following the impact of a hurricane, residents may lose access to basic services, such as power and water, and be subject to limited or no access to essentials like food, drinking water and medicine. With these situations in mind, all individuals and families are encouraged to stock up on essentials and build a disaster supply kit to last for a minimum of seven days.
  • Floridians can find a full checklist of what to have in their disaster supply kit at www.FloridaDisaster.org/Kit

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