ALVA, Fla. – During a visit today to the W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam (S-79) Structure, Governor Ron DeSantis received a briefing on an innovative technology treatment being deployed in the Caloosahatchee River to combat blue-green algal blooms. The treatment is being performed by BlueGreen Water Technologies, a leading Israeli algae mitigation company. At the direction of Governor DeSantis, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and South Florida Water Management District continue to actively assess and address critical blue-green algal conditions in South Florida while expediting large-scale Everglades projects.
“I have directed all of my state agencies to take an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to improve water quality and address active algal blooms,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “In addition to deploying innovative technologies, at my direction, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the South Florida Water Management District continue to prioritize expediting crucial Everglades and water quality projects including the EAA Reservoir, Caloosahatchee (C-43) and C-44 Reservoirs and other key projects to reduce harmful discharges and send water south.”
“Governor DeSantis understands the importance of the environment to our state, and his strong leadership continues to lead to water quality improvements for our waterways,” said DEP Secretary Noah Valenstein. “In addition to investments in innovative technologies to mitigate algal blooms, under the Governor’s leadership, the state is also expediting Everglades restoration projects like the EAA Reservoir through sound science and project collaboration, putting the state on track to complete key projects over the next two years, including C-44 and Caloosahatchee (C-43) Reservoirs.”
“No matter what environmental challenges face our state, Governor DeSantis has continued to ensure the necessary resources are in place to respond,” said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Chauncey Goss. “In partnership with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the South Florida Water Management District is tackling blue-green algae while actively expediting long-term solutions to our water challenges. A suite of Everglades restoration projects, including the critically important EAA Reservoir, will allow more water to be directed south while protecting our coastal estuaries from harmful Lake Okeechobee discharges.”
“BlueGreen Water Technologies is proud to partner with Governor Ron DeSantis and his agencies to combat blue-green algae in Florida,” said Eyal Harel, CEO of BlueGreen Water Technologies. “The State of Florida is a worldwide leader in taking steps to address blue-green algae, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with Governor DeSantis to support cleaner water for Floridians.”  
BlueGreen Water Technologies is treating blue-green algae in the Caloosahatchee River with an innovative technology called Lake Guard® Oxy. The hydrogen peroxide-based product safely neutralizes blue-green algae and associated cyanobacterial toxic blooms without negative environmental impacts. DEP and the water management districts are also addressing algae conditions in other parts of the state and stand ready to deploy additional innovative technologies. 
Governor DeSantis continues to execute his bold vision outlined in his Achieving More Now For Florida’s Environment plan (Executive Order 19-12) to protect Florida’s environment while simultaneously building on his historic visit to Israel where he led a roundtable discussion on addressing water challenges with Israeli companies. In addition to securing record funding for Everglades restoration and water quality at the state level, Governor DeSantis recently urged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to improve the management of Lake Okeechobee to reduce harmful discharges to the estuaries.

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