TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis responded to a letter from the Associated Press, in which the publication defended its failure to retract a debunked political attack, and ultimately discouraged readers from seeking life-saving treatment. The article, titled “DeSantis top donor invests in COVID drug governor promotes,” was framed in political insinuations that will no doubt lead some to decline seeking life-saving treatment.


After the Governor’s staff dispelled the misleading narrative and exposed the partisan agenda of the Associated Press, the publication sent a letter to Governor DeSantis on August 20, criticizing him for his staff’s efforts to correct the record.


Today, Governor DeSantis responded to that letter, not only defending his staff, but once again calling on the Associated Press and corporate outlets to stop creating conspiracy theories, publishing clickbait headlines and circulating partisan political narratives, at the expense of readers.


Clinical trials of monoclonal antibody treatments result in a 70% reduction in hospitalization and death.


Find the full letter below. 





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