DATE:             September 20, 2021


TO:                  Interested Media


FROM:            Taryn Fenske, Communications Director, Executive Office of the Governor


RE:                  Executive Order 21-210, Extension of Executive Order 21-148


Good evening,


Today, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 21-210 to extend Executive Order 21-148 which provides assistance for the families impacted by the Surfside tragedy.


A PDF of Executive Order 21-210 is available here.

A PDF of Executive Order 21-148 is available here.




(Emergency Management- Extension of Executive Order 21-148 – Miami-Dade County)


WHEREAS, on June 24, 2021, I issued Executive Order 21-148, subsequently extended, declaring a state of emergency in Miami-Dade County in response to the major structural building collapse at 8777 Collins Avenue in Surfside, Florida; and

WHEREAS, the cause of the structural building collapse remains unknown, and recovery efforts in Surfside are ongoing and require the continued support of the State of Florida; and

WHEREAS, the State of Florida continues to implement budgetary response efforts to help Floridians to the greatest extent possible; and

WHEREAS, as Governor of Florida, I am committed to providing all available resources and assistance for the Surfside community to cope with this terrible disaster.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RON DESANTIS, as Governor of Florida, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Article IV, Section I (a) of the Florida Constitution and by the Florida Emergency Management Act, as amended, and all other applicable laws, promulgate the following Executive Order, to take immediate effect:

Section 1. The state of emergency declared in Miami-Dade County and all provisions of Executive Order 21-148 are renewed for sixty (60) days following the date of this Executive Order.

Section 2. Executive Orders 21-160 and 21-199 are incorporated herein by reference and all provisions of Executive Order 21-160 are renewed for sixty (60) days following the date of this Executive Order.

Section 3. All actions taken by the Director of the Division of Emergency Management as the State Coordinating Officer with respect to this emergency before the issuance of this Executive Order are ratified, and he is directed to continue to execute the State of Florida Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and other response, recovery, and mitigation plans necessary to cope with this emergency.

Section 4. Except as amended herein, Executive Orders 21-148 and 21-160 are ratified and reaffirmed.

Section 5. This Executive Order is effective immediately.



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