TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis was joined by Attorney General Ashley Moody, Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, and Floridians who have lost their jobs or are having their employment threatened due to vaccine mandates to call a Special Session of the Florida Legislature to provide protections for employees. This announcement builds on Governor Ron DeSantis’ support for Floridians, Florida businesses and Florida business owners by opposing unlawful vaccine mandates and passports. Business owners and industry leaders from around the state are applauding the announcement. No one should have their right to earn a living conditional on receiving mandated injections.


Here is What They Are Saying:


Ralph A. Lewis, Co-Owner of Florida’s oldest steakhouse, Okeechobee Steakhouse, said, “I would like to thank Governor Ron DeSantis for his steadfast and prudent leadership in banning the use of vaccination passports. Without Governor DeSantis holding his ground and making decisions based on scientific facts, our loss of business would be catastrophic. From the staff of Okeechobee Steakhouse and Okeechobee Prime Meat Market, thank you, Governor DeSantis, for allowing us to keep our jobs.”


Charles Musgrove, Jr., CPA and Founder of CAPSERV360, said, “Thank you to Governor DeSantis for standing in the breach to protect our liberties. I have never been prouder to be a Floridian than over the past 18 months. Your leadership is inspirational for all Americans and an example for all political leaders whether local, state, or federal.”


Nick Sarra, Chief Operations Officer of Saltwater Restaurants, said, “Allowing customers to freely dine without mandated vaccine passports has allowed us to continue to employ hundreds of workers in our nine restaurants across Northwest Florida. Placing our employees on the front line of our customers’ medical decisions is not their responsibility as professionals in the restaurant industry. We are grateful for Governor Ron DeSantis’ strong support of restaurants and our employees.”


Eddie Agramonte, Owner of Gordos Restaurant, said, “I am so blessed to be a native Floridian! We are a free state. Thanks to Gov Ronnie D and his economic team we have been able to keep our doors open employees working and families fed. From protecting our most vulnerable to allowing restaurants to sell drinks to go all to keep the lights on and the economy moving – I love Florida!”


Sandy Graves, Partner at Gen 3 Properties, said, “As an owner of a small real estate investment company, I appreciate Governor DeSantis and his steady hand on the helm of our state’s economy during the pandemic. Because the Governor opened the state quickly, our renters were able to remain employed and we were not forced to even consider eviction, regardless of whether it was an option or not. Unfortunately, because of the success of the business climate and living quality here in Florida because of Governor DeSantis and his policies, the prices of homes and building materials have skyrocketed here in the Tampa Bay area. People want to live here. Skilled subcontractors and laborers are difficult to find, but we were able to make quite a profit on a few houses we sold. So, I am thankful I live in Florida during the difficulty of living with a worldwide pandemic.”


Laurie Farlow, Owner and Operator of Farlow’s on the Water, said, “I’m here to provide hospitality and great food, not to pay an additional employee to check your vaccine status. I am so thankful for Governor DeSantis’ opposition to vaccine passports for restaurants.”


Dave Hadelman, VP of Operations at La Cima Restaurants, said, “La Cima Restaurants is pro-business. We know allowing our guests to enjoy their favorite sports restaurant and lodge to enjoy food and drinks without mandated vaccine passports has allowed us to continue to employ hundreds of workers in our restaurants in Central Florida. We are grateful for Governor Ron DeSantis’ strong support of restaurants and our employees.”


Lois Saig, Founder of Harry’s of America, said, “I believe in the COVID vaccine; however, the concept of vaccine passports brings a false sense of security and is certainly not foolproof. During these difficult times when we are focusing on keeping our doors open and creating wonderful guest experiences, it makes no sense to burden businesses with the task of policing customers before entering our restaurants. We already take great measures toward keeping our staff and guests safe and comfortable. Not only would the verification of vaccinations be impossible to determine, but it should not be our jobs in hospitality to intervene and invade a guest’s personal health information. We should be allowed to operate our businesses without this interference and stick to our goal of providing great food and service to our guests. Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for prohibiting vaccine passports.”




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