TO:                 Members of the Press


FROM:           Taryn Fenske, Communications Director, Governor Ron DeSantis


DATE:            January 6, 2022


RE:                  Executive Order 22-02 (Executive Order of Suspension)


Good afternoon:


Today, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 22-02 (Executive Order of Suspension).

A copy of Executive Order 22-02 is provided below. A PDF copy is available here.




Taryn Fenske
Director of Communications
Governor Ron DeSantis





(Executive Order of Suspension)


WHEREAS, Article IV, Section 7(a) of the Florida Constitution provides that the Governor may suspend from office any county officer for commission of a felony; and


WHEREAS, Gary Robert Search is presently serving as a County Commissioner for Sumter County, Florida, District 1, having been elected in 2020 to serve a four-year term; and


WHEREAS, on December 14, 2021, Gary Robert Search was charged by Information with the felony charge of perjury in an official proceeding, in violation of section 837.02(1), Florida Statutes; and


WHEREAS, a violation of section 837.02(1), Florida Statutes, constitutes a felony in the third degree; and


WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the residents of Sumter County, and the citizens of the State of Florida, that Gray Robert Search be immediately suspended from the public office that he now holds, upon the grounds set forth in this executive order.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, RON DESANTIS, Governor of Florida, pursuant to Article IV, Section 7(a), find as follows:

  • Gary Robert Search is, and at all times material hereto was, County Commissioner, District 1, Sumter County, Florida.
  • The office of County Commissioner, District 1, Sumter County, Florida, is within the purview of the suspension powers of the Governor, pursuant to Article IV, Section 7(a).
  • The Information alleges that Gary Robert Search has committed felony acts in violation of the Laws of Florida. This suspension is predicated upon the attached Information, which is incorporated as if fully set forth in this Executive Order.


BEING FULLY ADVISED in the premises, and in accordance with the Constitution and the Laws of the State of Florida, this Executive Order is issued, effective immediately:


Section 1.        Gary Robert Search is suspended from the public office, that he now holds, to wit: County Commissioner, District 1, Sumter County, Florida.


Section 2.        Gary Robert Search is prohibited from performing any official act, duty, or function of public office; from receiving any pay or allowance; and from being entitled to any of the emoluments or privileges of public office during the period of this suspension, which period shall be from today, until further Executive Order is issued, or as otherwise provided by law.



IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and have caused the Great Seal of the State of Florida to be affixed at the Capital, Tallahassee, Florida, this 6th day of January, 2022.


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