CROSS CITY, Fla. – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced his commitment to funding three projects in Dixie County as part of the General Appropriations Act, recently passed by the Florida Legislature. This funding will provide for the construction of two fire stations in Dixie County that will increase emergency response capabilities and support infrastructure improvements to alleviate flooding and provide maximum stormwater relief to homes and businesses in Dixie County.

“Ensuring that rural counties, like Dixie County, have the resources they need to strengthen the resiliency of their communities is a top priority of my administration,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “These projects will provide necessary emergency support for residents and protect their homes and businesses during a disaster.”

The budget provides $3,741,500 to Dixie County for the addition of a fire station to its Emergency Operations Center located in Cross City. The fire station will house fire rescue staff and include four engine bays and offices. The budget also provides $3,555,000 for an additional fire station, to replace a fire station that was severely damaged during Hurricane Hermine and resulted in a reduction of service capabilities in the area. The new fire stations will allow for faster response times and increase the overall emergency response capabilities in the area.

Additionally, Dixie County is receiving $2,711,262 for stormwater and flood mitigation projects. Those projects include ditch restoration and structure replacement throughout the county to improve drainage. The project will provide maximum stormwater relief to the over 17,000 residents of Dixie County and alleviate flooding of resident’s homes and businesses.



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