HIALEAH GARDENS, Fla. – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed three bills passed by the Legislature during the Special Legislative Session that took place from April 19-21. These bills will establish the Congressional Districts of the state, abolish independent special districts that were created before 1968 and will revise the definition of a social media platform. The Governor signed these bills in addition to legislation to support individual freedoms of Floridians, passed during the 2022 Regular Legislative Session.

It is not the understanding or expectation for SB 4-C, abolishing independent special districts, to cause any tax increases for the residents of any area of Florida. In the near future, we will propose additional legislation to authorize additional special districts in a manner that ensures transparency and an even playing field under the law.

SB 2-C creates the congressional districts of the state through adoption of the U.S. Census of 2020 for use in redistricting. SB 4-C will dissolve certain independent special districts established before the ratification of the Florida Constitution in 1968, including the Reedy Creek Development District.

SB 6-C amends the definition of the term “social media platform” to remove the theme park exclusion from the definition. This legislation will ensure that litigation against inconsistent censorship practices of social media platforms and the de-platforming of politicians can be pursued and won in a court of law. This bill amends SB 7072, passed during the 2021 Regular Session, to address concerns related to social media platforms, including provisions the social media platforms must comply, prohibits the de-platforming of candidates for political office and prohibits social media platforms convicted of or held civilly liable for antitrust violations from contracting with public entities.




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