Causeway Anticipated To Be Accessible By End of October


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  Governor Ron DeSantis directed FDOT to prioritize repairs to the Sanibel Causeway. These repairs are needed for first responders and Sanibel residents to access the island, as well as other recovery efforts such as power restoration and debris removal. Today, the contract for the bridge repair was awarded.

“FDOT has already made tremendous progress on the temporary bridge to Pine Island,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Now, I’ve asked them to work with Lee County to immediately begin work to provide temporary access and begin repairs to the Sanibel Causeway. Access to our barrier islands is a priority for our first responders and emergency services who have been working day and night to bring relief to all Floridians affected by Hurricane Ian.”

“FDOT is proud to play a part in restoring our communities across the state. The Pine Island bridge is well on its way for completion. I’m confident we can provide the same level of service for the Sanibel Island community,” said Secretary Jared W. Perdue, P.E. “Much like Pine Island, the Sanibel Causeway was affected when the land that the road was built on was washed away. A bridge stability analysis will be performed, and repairs needed range from repairing bridge approaches to restoring the roadway across most of the causeway. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Lee County and helping them take another step towards recovery.”

All accessible state-owned bridge inspections have been completed and FDOT is assisting with inspections on locally owned bridges. FDOT has also cleared nearly all of Florida’s roads that were impacted by the storm with Cut and Toss operations making our transportation corridors passable through almost all of the state. Completing repairs will then allow first responders access to the island in order to conduct their life and safety missions. This will then give residents drivable access from the mainland to Sanibel Island.

It is anticipated to have the Sanibel Causeway accessible by the end of October. Once immediate recovery efforts have subsided, permanent long-term repairs will be made to the causeway. The emergency repairs being done now will offer a safe passage for immediate access and will also be incorporated into long-term repair plans. This means that repairs being done now will tie into work that will be needed for permanent repairs.



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