TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  Yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 23-06 (Achieving Even More Now for Florida’s Environment) to further advance the protection of Florida’s environment and water quality.

Read what environmental leaders and stakeholders are saying about the future of conservation in Florida:

“The Everglades Foundation applauds Governor DeSantis’ four-year record commitment of $3.5 billion for the Everglades. The Governor’s bold agenda will undoubtedly lead to more progress in Everglades restoration and in addressing Florida’s water quality challenges. The restoration of America’s Everglades is paramount to Florida’s clean water-based economy, and the Governor has made a concerted effort to ensure Florida significantly invests in its future. A reliable source of clean fresh water for nine million South Florida residents and countless tourists is at stake, and this announcement demonstrates that Everglades restoration and Florida’s resilience remain a top priority for the second term of his administration.” Eric Eikenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Everglades Foundation.

“A week after his inauguration, on the anniversary of the momentous executive order he signed four years ago, Governor DeSantis has signed a new executive order laying out a blueprint that builds off the promises he fulfilled during his first term. The executive order increases his funding commitment to $3.5 billion over the next four years for Everglades restoration, water quality initiatives, and protecting water supply for Floridians, businesses and tourists alike, and it includes other promises that further solidify him as America’s Everglades Governor.” – Anna Upton, Chief Executive Officer, Everglades Trust.

“Clean and usable waterways are the backbone of Florida’s economy. Governor DeSantis recognized this issue from the beginning of his term and has continued to deliver on his commitments to prioritize the health of our water and environment. We applaud Governor DeSantis for continuing to invest record dollars into protecting our water and expediting critical Everglades restoration projects that benefit all Floridians.” – Capt. Daniel Andrews, Executive Director, Captains for Clean Water. 

“As Florida continues to recover from hurricanes Ian and Nicole, the need to strengthen flood protection has never been more urgent. These proactive investments, including expedited recovery assistance, vulnerability assessments and coastal flood protection, will help ensure Florida is better prepared for stronger storms and more frequent flooding. We commend Governor DeSantis for his continued leadership on this issue.” – Kate Wesner, Florida Director, American Flood Coalition. 

“Governor DeSantis has been resolute in his commitment to Florida’s natural resources since his first days in office. He has promised and delivered record funding and innovative environmental policies, with a focus on resiliency, habitat and water quality, that will ensure the health of our state’s iconic fisheries for the future.” – Kellie Ralston, Vice President for Conservation and Public Policy, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. 

“Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, Florida remains one of the most sought-after destinations for world-class fishing, hunting and outdoor recreational opportunities. The Governor has and continues to make protecting Florida’s natural resources one of his top priorities, and we are grateful for his steadfast support.”  Rodney Barreto, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Chairman.

“This is a historic announcement from Governor DeSantis and is a game changer for how we will move forward with protecting the Indian River Lagoon and clean water in Florida. This level of funding will allow us to target specific priority projects in the Indian River Lagoon and accelerate our progress to restore this critical waterbody, which is one of the designated 28 estuaries of national significance.” – Dr. Duane De Freese, Executive Director, The Indian River Lagoon Council and the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program.

“Thanks to Governor DeSantis’ leadership, the St. Johns River Water Management District has been able to fund and implement projects that have a direct impact on water quality. With Executive Order 23-06, the District, along with our partners, will be able to expand on our efforts to protect one of the state’s most critical and diverse natural resources: the Indian River Lagoon.”  Mike Register, St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director.

“It’s an exciting day for the Everglades! Audubon commends Governor DeSantis for signing Executive Order 23-06, pouring an unprecedented $3.5 billion into both improving Florida’s water resources and continuing to make great strides in Everglades restoration. Importantly, this funding will support restoration efforts in the Indian River Lagoon, protecting coastal communities while safeguarding habitat for thousands of native species.” – Kelly Cox, Director of Everglades Policy, Audubon Florida.

“Yesterday’s announcement by Governor DeSantis is encouraging with his new executive order reinforcing the state’s commitment to ensure Florida’s water quality in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem.” – Mark Perry, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Oceanographic Society. 

“Mote applauds the leadership of Governor DeSantis as he has delivered on his commitment made four years ago to our environment. We look forward to applying the full science and technology capacity of Mote toward implementing the Governor’s exciting new and even bolder commitment that he made to launch and expand science-based solutions for mitigating impacts of harmful algal blooms, restoring corals reefs and improving coastal resiliency that are all critical to our economy and quality of life in Florida.” – Dr. Michael P. Crosby, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.

“Conservation Florida applauds our Governor’s continued commitment to land conservation and the protection of a functional and conserved Florida Wildlife Corridor. Governor DeSantis is absolutely right that protecting our environment and our economy go hand in hand. Consistent and meaningful funding for land conservation is the key. We look forward to continued partnership with the state of Florida to achieve great strides together in conserving our water, wildlife and wild places and creating a bright future for generations of Floridians to come.” – Traci Deen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Conservation Florida. 




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