TO:                  Tom Berger, Director of Real Estate Development and Management

Randall Pepitone, Deputy Police Chief, Fort Myers Police Department

Brian Hamman, Chairman, Lee County Commissioners

Kevin Anderson, Mayor, City of Fort Myers

FROM:            Governor Ron DeSantis

DATE:             Friday, February 24, 2023

RE:                  Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Police Chief Derrick Diggs


On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, Police Chief Derrick Diggs passed away at the age of 67. He served in law enforcement for the past 46 years, committing the last seven to the city of Fort Myers as the Chief of Police. Diggs was dedicated to making the Fort Myers community a safer place. During his time as Chief, he introduced the department to new technologies that resulted in a significant reduction in violent crimes. Today the city’s police department is one of the most advanced in the nation. Police Chief Derrick Diggs will be remembered for his commitment to the city of Fort Myers and the difference he made in the lives of others.


To honor the memory of Police Chief Derrick Diggs and his service to our state, I hereby direct the flag of the State of Florida to be flown at half-staff at the Fort Myers Police Department in Fort Myers, Florida, the Lee County Courthouse in Fort Myers, Florida, and the City Hall of Fort Myers, Florida, from sunrise to sunset on Saturday, February 25, 2023.




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