Governor’s Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development

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Created in 1996 by the Legislature, the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development (OTTED), within the Executive Office of the Governor, assists the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Legislature to formulate policies and strategies designed to provide economic opportunities for all Floridians.

The State of Florida has an important role to play in promoting an economic climate in which Florida’s businesses can be competitive and productive with minimal government interference. OTTED provides executive direction and staff support to develop policies and advocate for economic diversification and improvements in Florida’s business climate and infrastructure. Economic development programs are implemented through public/private partnerships for which OTTED provides direct oversight.

OTTED’s Core Functions

# Serves as state point on rural development issues in part through oversight of Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI), rural infrastructure loans and grants

# Administers military and defense retention, expansion, and grant programs, and oversees bi-annual Base Commanders Forums, as well as Governor’s BRAC Advisory Council activities

# Administers international trade programs through the oversight of international trade and investment, diplomacy, and consular affairs.

# Coordinates and staffs the Emerging Technology Commission, the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors, the Scripps Florida development, and the Haiti Commission.

# Approves and certifies business expansion and retention incentive programs (e.g. qualified target industry tax refund, the qualified defense tax refund, and high impact industry grants, bond financing programs, and defense grant programs);

# Manages community development programs such as enterprise zones, community contribution tax credits and the urban and rural job tax credit programs;

# Serves as lead agency for certifying economic development projects as eligible for the expedited permiting review process;

# Maintains extensive interaction with business, economic development, and community leaders to advocate on their behalf to the Governor and Legislature

Public/Private Partners

Financial Incentives

Task Force on the Study of Biotech Competitiveness

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