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I am honored to serve the great people and state of Florida as your First Lady. Rick and I are proud of the unmatched beauty, the nearly 500-year heritage, and the hardworking people of Florida.

From Naples to the Panhandle, I think Florida is the most beautiful state and truly a land of opportunity. If you live here, I’m sure you are just as proud of our home state. If you are visiting, I welcome you to enjoy the splendor of our beaches, our fresh fruits and vegetables, and our many amazing vacation destinations.

As your First Lady, I love working with children – the future of Florida – and I hope to visit your local school or library someday soon. When you are in Tallahassee, I hope you will stop by to visit the Florida Governor’s Mansion. I would love to meet you.

– Ann

First Lady Ann Scott


First Lady Ann Scott is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. High school sweethearts, the Governor and First Lady have been married for 46 years and have two daughters, Allison and Jordan, and six  adorable grandsons, Auguste, Quinton, Sebastian, Eli, Louie and Jude.

After graduating from high school, the First Lady attended community college and worked full time, while Governor Scott was in the Navy and attended law school. She received her degree in business administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

An avid reader, the First Lady loves traveling the state, sharing her passion for reading and literacy with Florida’s students. She believes that great readers become great learners, and early learning leads to academic success. As a mother, she also knows that healthy bodies make healthy minds. She urges Floridians of all ages to eat healthy and get out and play.

At every opportunity, the First Lady takes time to thank military children and families for their services and sacrifices to our great state and our country. The First Lady loves to showcase the beauty and history of the Mansion, and has opened the Florida Governor’s Mansion for children and families to visit throughout the school year, and will often greet tours to share her personal stories of the home.

Throughout their lives, the Governor and First Lady have been committed to their community locally and around the world. They support the Salvation Army, United Way, Naples Zoo, Children’s Museum of Naples, and World Vision, where the Scott family worked to create a primary health care system in Bunyala, Kenya. Together, they fund an entrepreneurship contest at George Washington University where their daughter, Allison, received her business degree. The First Lady has also donated her time to Liberty Youth Ranch, a home for abandoned, abused, neglected, and orphaned children in Collier County.


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